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Slipped Disks and Herniations Caused By Sports Injuries

One of the most common accident sites of herniated or bulging disks is, unsurprisingly, the gym.

But while it might be easy to point to a certain exercise or movement that caused the herniation, typically the event is just the straw that “literally” broke the camel’s back – after a long time coming.

Causes of Muscle Spasms In Active People

One of the few downsides to being an active person is that they are more prone to things like joint pain, tendonitis and perhaps worst of all – muscle spasms.  The reason why? Exertion.

It comes with the territory. While a trained body is better equipped to handle higher demands than an untrained body,  a willingness to exert means a higher likelihood of finding out what happens after reaching a physical limit. And by far, one of the most common results of rapid overexertion is a debilitating muscle spasm.

While there can be other factors, muscle spasms are often a response by the body to protect the spine from what it registers as a potentially damaging load. An unfortunate side effect of a muscle spasm, however, is that they themselves can be just as painful as the back injury it was protecting.

Bulging Disks

Bulging disks, otherwise known as protruding disks, are spinal disks that are in a pre-herniation stage. While many remain asymptomatic and don’t cause any pain at all, some may affect nearby nerves, which will likely lead to pain radiating from the site.

Compared to herniated disks, a bulging disk caught early provides increased options for conservative treatment.

Bulging disks can be worked back into place with the help of close monitoring of your spine’s condition, and by incorporating conservative exercises, stretching and massage for noninvasive treatment that precisely targets the misalignment causing the problem.
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Sciatic Pain Caused By Bulging Disk

Most commonly, the first real symptom a person will experience as a result of a bulging disk is sciatic pain – otherwise known as sciatica. The sciatic nerve is a nerve that runs from the vertebrae in the lower back down through the hips and pelvis, and into the upper leg. The most common feeling is described as a “radiating” pain that’s commonly hard to pinpoint. Often present is a feeling of numbness.

Sciatica is often caused by a bulging disk pressing on the sciatic nerve. While the symptoms are concerning, a qualified chiropractor can perform a quick movement assessment, and either through an adjustment or by prescribing the right exercises, can quickly ease your sciatic pain.

Instead of thinking of muscle guarding as something that needs to be stopped, try thinking of it as a normal neurological response that must be worked with.

To treat a bulging or herniated disk, or to learn how you can optimize your body’s strength and movement to stop injury from happening in the first place, get signed up with Powers Chiropractic Clinic today.



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