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What’s Causing Your Headache?

Most patients rule out every possible cause of their headaches before ever coming to see a chiropractor. It’s understandable to think your headache can only be caused by sinuses, allergies or illness. But after the main culprits have been ruled out, one of the only things left to investigate is the tightness stemming from their neck and back.

Many patients are surprised to find out the extent of the tightness and immobility that is resulting in their headaches.

Repetitive motions or incorrect posture, often tied to either lifelong patterns, longterm stress or both, can be found in just about everyone. And if left unchecked, as they most often are, can lead to tension headaches that otherwise may lack explanation.

Chronic tightness in the neck and shoulders is a common cause of headaches.

Otherwise known as your neck, your cervical spine is tasked with the important job of holding your head upright. You may have heard this somewhere before, “the human head weighs eight pounds.” Actually, the average adult head weighs somewhere close to 10-11 pounds.

But what’s even more surprising to people is that for every inch your head moves forward, that’s another 10-11 pounds placed on your cervical spine. You probably don’t think it at the time, but that means your neck could be constantly holding an extra 20-30 pounds while you’re hunched over at the computer! No wonder you’re tight.

Waking Up With Headaches?

If you are regularly waking up with headaches, the most likely cause of them is your pillow – coupled with your sleeping patterns. The thing about sleeping patterns is that they’re largely out of your control. If you’ve ever tried forcing yourself to sleep in a way that’s not your natural preference, the chances are you woke up in your go-to position on your side, or comfortably on your belly.

Sleep is meant to be restorative. If it’s causing you to wake up feeling groggy and with headaches, a chiropractic assessment can help.

Top Of Head Pressure Vancouver WA

Sterno-cleido-what? Treating Grogginess and Pressure In Your Skull

Your neck can be the site of some bewildering symptoms.  Patients presenting with dizziness and a feeling of being unbalanced often come to the chiropractor after visits to the doctor are unable to yield a medical cause to their ailments.

Similar to how a tight psoas muscle can lend itself to back pain, the sternocleidomastoid is another mystery muscle that’s critical to everyday well-being – that most people don’t ever think about.

The most common symptom of a tight sternocleidomastoid is an identifiable “hot spot” near the top of the skull. You can imagine thinking that an unexplained pressure up there creates a lot of anxiety!

If you’ve ruled out a separate medical condition that might be contributing to your headaches, a quick trip to the chiropractor might be just what it takes to make your pain go away.


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