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Most of the time, back injury can be easily linked to one single event – lifting something that’s too heavy, moving the wrong way, or sitting too long on an airplane.

And while it’s probably true that there was one thing that finally did it in, typically the path to back pain starts long before a single injury. Which means that unless the long-term source of their back pain is addressed, it will always happen again.

But at Powers Chiropractic Clinic, we think back pain does not have to be something you have to live with – and we want to show you how.


Hip Pain and Misalignment

When patients present with low back pain on either side, one of the first things to look for is misalignment in the hips or any pain happening near the pelvis. More often than not, muscular imbalances in the hip region are to blame, and tight hip flexors are often a big part of the imbalance.

Your hip flexors are a group of muscles that connect your hips to your lower spine. While the hip flexors comprise several muscles, they’re dominated by one in particular: The Psoas (“so-azz”).

Lower Back Pain Relief Vancouver WA

Your Back Pain May Be Caused By Tight Hips

What makes the psoas remarkable is that it’s actually quite a large muscle with an important job – and most people have no idea it’s there. What tends to happen with the muscle, and why it so commonly results in intolerable back pain, is due to the shortening it experiences through something most of us do everyday – sitting.

Picture a rubber band that connects the very top of your thigh to about your middle spine. Imagine the band connecting the two points in a seated position. Now imagine standing, what happens to the rubber band? As it stretches, it gets tight.

Well that’s what happens with your psoas muscle. After we’ve been sitting at work, in our cars, and probably at home for most of the day, the psoas gets used to being in a seated position. And then when we go and bend over, pick up that heavy weight, try that fitness class or simply stand up too fast, it gets abruptly stretched and as a result, tightens up.

The pain can be so severe that patients may be unable to walk, and they may commonly think they’ve slipped a diskĀ  The pain can remain for days at a time and will often happen again unless the underlying problems are dealt with.

Whatever the cause of your low back pain, we can help.

Whether it’s tight hips, muscle weakness, scoliosis or something else that’s the cause of your acute or chronic back pain, Powers Chiropractic Clinic can get you straightened out and give you the tools you need to keep it from happening again.

Take back your back at Powers Chiropractic Clinic today.

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