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How Can a Chiropractor Help After An Auto Injury?

If you’ve ever been in an auto accident you know that the whiplash is something that may be harder to deal with than expected.

In the days following an accident, your neck will likely stiffen to the point where you have no mobility in any direction. And it’s at this point that we realize how much we take our necks for granted!

Neck Adjustment After Whiplash

Otherwise known as cervical spine manipulation, this treatment is where a chiropractor will give you a gentle, controlled release of the vertebrae in the neck. Often times, there will be an audible crack associated with the movement. The cracking sound you hear is actually gasses escaping after being locked into the cavities of your cervical spine.

When done correctly by a qualified chiropractor, an adjustment of your neck can provide immediate relief and restored range of motion.

Is a neck adjustment safe following an auto injury?

If performed by an experienced chiropractor and done after the initial period of healing, a neck adjustment is perfectly safe. 

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Trigger Point Massage

One of the sources of pain that may be related to an automobile accident is an increase in active trigger points around the site of the injury.

Trigger points, known also as “knots,” are sites in the body’s soft tissue that have become stiff. The stiffness is due to the muscle fascia sticking to the soft tissue around it, due most commonly to lack of movement (such as that following a whiplash incident). The reason they’re called “trigger points” is because when stuck, they can trigger a pain referral pattern – such as neck pain.

While the initial identification and massage of trigger points can be uncomfortable (and in some cases, even intolerable), addressing pain caused by tight trigger points often provides immediate relief, and a level or restored mobility that allows for strengthening and recovery to begin.

If you suffered whiplash in an auto accident, do your neck a favor and come into Powers Chiropractic Clinic for a quick adjustment.

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